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Johannes Beck

The variety of music by Johannes Beck ranges from ”fine electronic tunes” (Groove), to ”dub Techno atmosphere” (Wire) culminating in ”intricate swinging tracks” (De:Bug).
Whether it be daydreaming and finespun piano sequences or pushing, grooving tracks, Johannes Beck produces for the concert hall as well as for the club.
You will be sure to notice the insightful aesthetics of this Berlin producer while he explores the many facets of electronic music during his performances.

Johannes’ DJ career began during the late 1990s when the Berlin music and club scene truly began to take off. He quickly internalized the sense of how to create magic moments with music. As a live act, DJ and coordinator of parties and club events (Maria am Ufer, NBI) he contributed to some unforgettable nights in Berlin club history.

Since 2003 Beck has been playing his music in live sets in order to perform them in a more intense way. In 2005 his first album ”Mistake” was released and during the album tour he played live in cities such as Barcelona, Cologne and Berlin. This not being enough, he then started in his early thirties to compose film scores and music for contemporary dance.

Johannes Beck releases’ are available on the Leipzig House label Kann Records as well as on Mutual Musik, a label founded and managed by himself and his co-partner.

Other music projects: Studio Bruno

For booking-requests contact: karina@buki-good.de


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Beyond Pleasure and Pain - Versions - Mutual Musik 05 (2015)
Beyond Pleasure and Pain LP - Kann Records 18 (2014)
Studio Bruno - Franconia Sessions - Mutual Musik 04 (2013)
Rendezvous (Edward Remix) - Kann Records 10 (2013)
LIELL - Mutual Musik 03 (2013)
Prince of the Night - Mutual Musik 02 (2011)
Rendezvous (part of Family Horror) - Kann Records 07 (2011)
Mutual #1 - Mutual Musik 01 (2010)
The Flashlight Hits The Rocker/Ruhig Sein - Kann Records 00 (2008)
Mistake (Debütalbum) - JB 001 (2005)


Keep-It-Deep-Guestmix (2012)
Live at Nachtdigital 14/Odyssey nach Olganitz (Kannpod 05) - Kann Records (2011)
Inverted Audio Mix 26 - Inverted Audio (2011)


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